A modern hotel in the heart of Vsetín, which not only offers accommodation but also entertainment.

It offers a convenient location in the center of Vsetín and is easily accessible by train, car and bus passengers, as it is in close proximity to the train and bus stations. The hotel is also unique in that it is part of the Smetana Shopping Gallery, a unique concept unparalleled in the Czech Republic. The shopping gallery is a place that offers its customers everything they need in everyday life, from groceries to clothing, cosmetics, delicious food, fun, relaxation and exercise.

Both business professionals and families with children will feel at home with us. Guests can use the services of the restaurant, the bowling alley, the wellness facility, the 5D cinema, or work out for free in the fitness center. For families with children, cots and changing tables are available as well as irons and ironing boards if required.

Tips for daytrips

Tips for daytrips to surrounding areas without a car :)

Vsetín Chateau

The Renaissance chateau erected at the beginning of the 17th century is located on the Upper Square. This edifice dominates the skyline of Vsetín. From the 60-meter tower you have a unique opportunity to see the city and its surroundings. It’s not only for families with children; the chateau offers the Templar Cellar, in which you will learn a lot of interesting things about the Knights Templar.

Vsetín Observatory

A picturesque observatory located not far from the Vsetín chateau in Jabloňová Street. Thanks to its smaller size, it offers a less formal approach, which is why it is so popular.

Vartovna Look-off Tower

The Vartovna Look-off Tower, also known as the Wallachian “Eiffel Tower”, rises 651 meters above sea level. It is characterized by its metal construction and it measures 37 m. You can find the look-off tower on Vartovna Hill, which is 9 km as the crow flies from our hotel. You can visit Vartovna all year round and admission is free.

Evangelical Church in Velká Lhota

A very non-traditional church, which, in addition to being a church, acts as a farm building. Nevertheless, it is a national cultural monument in which Jan Karafiát, the author of the well-known children's book, Broučci, worked as an evangelical pastor. It is a completely original building in the sphere of sacral architecture; it is the last building of this architectural type in the Czech Republic. A nature trail established in recent years also bears the Karafiát name. It begins in Valašské Meziříčí, continues through Velká Lhota towards the Bystřička Dam, where it ends. At this point, it is followed by a second nature trail, Klenov – Dušná.

Museum of Wallachian Ghosts, Valašské Meziříčí

The Museum of Wallachian Ghosts is located in nearby Valašské Meziříčí. The museum houses exhibits of the most famous Wallachian ghosts, elves and raras from the workshop of the artist, Aleš Drašar. Visitors can read interesting stories about each ghost. This daytrip tip will especially be appreciated by families with children.

Pulčín Rocks

Just go a few kilometers from Vsetín and you will come across the largest Moravian rock labyrinth, Pulčínské skály, which is located about 700 m. above sea level. The trip to Pulčínské skály is suitable for both adults and families with children.